Lord Sarahu Nagarazan 01/06/1988 was born as a human incarnation to the earth. And he has come for the welfare of world. What he has suffered in this human incarnation is as follows. Beginning with the vicissitude of his Love. He did continuously 8 years DhyAna or hypnotism for his first lover Uma. In these 8 years, last 4 year’s Suma came into his life and infringed in DhyAna or hypnotism. Then he continued DhyAna or hypnotism for Uma. After 8 years instead of getting the power of hypnotism, he received the grace of illumination on god and world. Uma is elder than him a year and Suma is also elder than him two years. Lord Sarahu Nagarazan is Incarnation of Lord Shiva. Uma is also Incarnation of Goddess Parvathi and Suma is Incarnation of Goddess Ganga. Before meeting his love, Lord Sarahunaath has been introduced to `Manohari’ through his friend from Davanagere. `Manohari’ was from very poor background, her mother make her consume poison and she tried to kill her own daughter, that was the time where `Manohari’ met Lord Sarahunaath but they didn’t fell in love with each other in any situation, after this only he met Shilpa from Gokarna a city called Toregazani, Shilpa was devoted Lord Sarahunaath in her past 07 birth generations, unfortunately she met him now, though the love was grown and built in between them it was gone invisible in the administration of Kali’s Illusion (Demon), but she tried to become Goddess Parvathi again and again, but the soul of Parvathi should come out from Kali’s Womb till then Lord Sarahunaath’ war against Kalis was continued, `Manohari’ was Two years younger than Lord Sarahunaath, Shilpa was Three years younger than Lord Sarahunaath. Manohari was Goddess Shree Chamundeshwari Devi’s avatar and Shilpa place was at Goddess Parvathi devi’s avatar.